Cite My Sources!

What is

It’s a free citation generators platform. Whether you’re doing serious research or casually taking notes, it can be hard to keep track of who said what, where and when. That can be frustrating when you’re trying to put together a paper or a presentation, and it can be disastrous when someone asks you where you got a particular quote or statistic and you don’t remember. If you put your quotes in this database, you can just say, “You’ll find my references at!”

Cite My Source is an invaluable resource for students seeking online assignment help for example on Researching and organizing sources can be a challenging task, but with Cite My Source, you can easily generate citations in various styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and more. This platform saves you time by providing a ready-made database of quotes and references for your academic projects. By using Cite My Source, you can ensure the accuracy and reliability of your sources while cutting down on the time spent on research. Take advantage of this free citation generator and make your assignment writing process a breeze.

How do I use

Choose citation style from the menu and fill in the required fields to generate citations. Use the top menu at the top of each page to browse, search, or contribute to the database.

Why should I use this database instead of making my own quote file?

Because it’s already constructed, for one thing. Building your own database — on note cards or on a computer — takes time that you could better spend researching. For another thing, you might benefit from quotes someone else has found, and someone might be able to use yours.

You mean I can cut corners in my research by using quotes I find here?

No! Not only might a quote be taken out of context, it might come from an unreliable source. When you find an interesting quote, here or anywhere else, you should always track down the original document to make sure the quote means what it says. You can make this task easier for other people by supplying as much information as possible about the source, publication, and article.

How can I find just my own quotes and not anyone else’s?

Add your name or some other personally meaningful word as a keyword for all of your quotes; then you can search for that word. You can also export all your quotes as a flat HTML table, suitable for importing into a spreadsheet for your personal backups.