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Apa Reference For Websites

Nowadays online is becoming source of almost anything, any topic, and any technical journal. Almost everything is being posted online. One can retrieve most of the information at home using PC and surfing the website. Thus how to cite references online is very important. Online citations shall in the future take most of reference list of a research paper. Thus one has to know the formats how to cite the following references also: Lists – Articles from database, Abstract, Dissertation/Thesis from a database, datasets, Graphic data, Qualitative data and online interviews, Online lectures and presentation slides, Non-Periodical web document, PDF, web page or report, Computer software and downloaded software, e-mail, Online forum or discussion posting, web blog and video blog post, Wikis, Audio/video Podcasts.

Apa Reference Website

Summary of APA Guidelines APA writing style is one of the recognized and mostly followed writing styles in the publication and the academic fields. The APA reference website will be included in the references section at the end of the research paper. All the references will be double spaced and the entire paper has to be aligned to the left in the content and the reference section. The common procedure to APA reference website is that the author name followed by the year is first written like John G, (2005). Then the title of the publication is written followed by the publishers. Then the date of retrieving the online content is written in the format of May 4, 2010 followed by the full referencing of the http address of the web site. The format will go like this in writing the APA reference website retrieved date from http: the full reference of the web site. A full sample APA reference website is in this format:

John G, (2005). Management writing styles, European online journal, retrieved on May 4, 2010 from http:// www. management help / management writing style.html.

The referencing is very important and the papers not following the exact citation and writing style will be ignored and not selected for the publication. The APA writing style is followed by most of the leading journals in the field of management, arts, science, and other respective fields. The advertisement seen in these journals will invite research articles from the academicians and the college students to follow the APA referencing. The growth of internet has made the students to refer the content from the web sites and certain students just copy and paste the content from the web sites and submit the assignments. The plagiarism scanners are used by the colleges to scan the research papers and the students copy and pasting work will get failed while their papers are scanned through these plagiarism scanners. Since most of the students refer the web sites for their research work and projects, the appropriate referencing of the web site according to the APA reference website format must be strictly followed and the full reference of the exact page of the web site from where the contents were taken must be included in the references page of the research paper. These types of referencing according to APA writing style and other writing styles will help reduce the plagiarism issues related to the research paper.